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Aerial Action Karate

Christopohe's aerial action Karate is an extreme and challenging, but fun and educational approach to physical development and a world of performance level martial arts.


Our method  is a combination of Northern Shaolin and  Tae Kwon Do.   Korea is a Peninsula of f the northern coast of China. The mar arts of the northern region are known for their aerial kicking ability.


Students master and execute high aerial kicks that complement their hand drills on the ground.


Students learn that the sky is the limit. Doing this course will help a child know that there are no boundaries in life.


Aerial action Karate is a way for them to reach your hidden abilities. Facing problems head on, having no fear, learning that failure is just a step to success.  When a person look and we need to spend as much time in the air, but have a safe landing.  We work on the jumping and leaping ability and conditioning, strengthening the legs and develop a  spring-like ability to do multiple kicks before touching the ground.

Denver, Englewood and Littleton.


We are a PRIVATE Martial art/fitness facility for serious minded students only, adult and children. 



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Rocky Mountain Movement

4380 S. Federal Blvd.

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