Christophe Clarke, Director & Founder -- World Champion, International Recording Artist, Movie Star, and Choreographer

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Christophe Clarke:  Trainer, Speaker, Performer



World Class Trainer


Master Clarke’s true mastery lies in his ability as a trainer. He is gifted in his ability to help individuals reach a high level of martial arts and body awareness.  His belief in people’s abilities and motivational approach leads students to great achievement – as demonstrated by a record number of gold medals in competitions.


An experienced and qualified instructor one can trust, Master Clarke is known to be a tough trainer, yet his approach is nevertheless fun, light-hearted and educational. Master Clarke has been established as a world-class trainer.


Having read about Clarke’s training methods, NFL Dan Reeves approached more



Educator of Women & Children's Health & Empowerment


With a combined background in pediatrics and psychology in the Military, Christophe is at great ease in handling children in the classroom and in a variety of situations.  He trains and coaches them to develop healthy mindsets, encourages them and believes in them. He gets them psyched up to achieve. He helps them reach higher levels, deal with fear of failure, and even learn that failing can be as important as more



Tai Chi and the “Clarke Method™”


Master Clarke is one of the few practitioners in the US that understands and can execute Tai Chi as a true martial art.  He has been sharing his knowledge in martial arts with people around the world for many decades. The teaching method he developed -- the Clarke Method™  -- is clean, clear and precise and is unrivaled in terms of methodologies that get superb results.


Master Clarke also developed the TIC (Teacher, Instructor, Coach) Certification Program -- a senior-level program that takes many years to achieve.  Once a teacher achieves the TIC qualified designation, they can deliver on a very high level of teaching mastery.   His instructors program includes the coveted TIC Certification.



Championships – Gold Medalist & World Champion




After winning the World Championship title and concluding his training tour in Russia, he retired from competition to dedicate himself to educating others on the mental, spiritual and emotional lifestyle changes needed to experience rejuvenation and achieve great levels of achievement. His commitment to help people attain true life balance, reach their goals and better quality of life is undisputed.



Seminar Leader & Motivational Speaker


Christophe is an international motivational speaker -- the creator of the "Thirteen Steps to the Fountain of Youth" and the author of the book "The Art of Ageless Living.". He was commissioned to Canada and Australia to deliver his life-changing seminar entitled "The Light of Life."


As a motivational speaker, Christophe is akin to the likes of Tony Robbins -- something you must witness for yourself.  In his seminars and workshops, you can feel the passionate enthusiasm, the dedication and the commitment to his work.


He conducts seminars on meditations around the world, spreading the self-empowerment and Tai Chi method. Read more



Choreographer, Screenplay Writer, Actor


A multi-talented performer, for three years, Christophe Clarke was the choreographer for the international traveling performing group "Up with People" and screenplay writer of action and drama scripts. He has starred in five action-packed Kung Fu movies, seen on Showtime, Cinemax, and TNT. His last two films are “Tiger Street" and "Little Bear & The Master” (2008). His latest film, "Hot Lead, Hard Fury" is coming soon.



The Pursuit of Rejuvenation – A Life Purpose


With a 6-year term in the U.S. Army as a Medical Specialist at Fort Sam in Houston, Texas, Christophe launched the beginning of a journey in the education, training and treatment of illness, pain and suffering.  After leaving the Military, he has since continued the quest to help people in their pursuit of pain reduction, wellness and rejuvenation.


Over the past several years, Christophe has helped people afflicted with cancer and has worked in collaboration with doctors and specialists communicating about cancer treatments developed by Dr. Thomas Shanahan.  He has helped both cancer and arthritis patients using Tai Chi methods by helping them to get their bodies to move with more flexibility with Qigong, through meditation, and with his specialized "360 degree meditation".  For many, these approaches have helped relieve unneeded suffering.


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We are a PRIVATE Martial art/fitness facility for serious minded students only, adult and children. 



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